About Trinovo

Trinovo helps to make and realize crucial business decisions

Trinovo Consulting AB was founded in 2011 when two professional management consultancies (Arkitraven and Informatics) with clear focus areas and extensive backgrounds merged.

Arkitraven (business development and strategy) and Informatics (IT management) were founded in 1986 and 1990, respectively. Consultants from both firms had previously been part of larger consultancies such as SIAR, Sigma, Gartner Group and Booz Allen.

During this time we have had the opportunity to work together with a number of large- and medium-sized companies mainly based in the Nordics. We have built a fundamental and deep-rooted understanding of what it takes to succeed, within different sectors, industries and within key functions such as IT.

Our future

We have a strong position within strategy, business development, IT management, CRM and business- driven implementation. The current pace of development, especially with regard to digitalization, requires an advisor with the ability to follow and bridge all these areas and ensure proper implementation.

Our business model is built on a number of cornerstones:

  • Expertise: We have an extensive knowledge base – and a curious mindset that makes us eager to learn more and deep dive in to analysis
  • Client focus: Our starting point is always our client’s needs, not standardized models
  • Seniority combined with youthful curiosity: Small teams of experienced consultants complemented by younger talent
  • Capacity: Sufficient capacity to support our clients in major projects such as large turnarounds, without getting stuck in our own processes
  • Professionalism: We are Management Consultants – and we are good at it

These cornerstones will also be important for us in the future.

We are currently around 20 consultants, some of us with extensive experience and some of us still climbing a steep learning curve. Our aim is to grow organically in the coming years by adding talent to our company from different levels of experience. However, the pace of this development will always take second place to our ambition to ensure that we support our clients, keep improving our skills and, not least, enjoy ourselves.

CIO Forum

The CIO Forum was founded in 2003 and is hosted by Trinovo Consulting together with Birgitta Klasén.  Members are selected CIOs and IT leaders from larger organizations.

Membership is evaluated and decided by the CIO Forum program committee.

The CIO Forum is a platform for our members to meet informally to discuss and raise challenging subjects in the field between business and IT. The agenda is based on insights and relevant subjects and is decided by the members.

We meet three times a year in Stockholm.


Contact CIO-Forum

Peter Wehlin
[email protected]
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