Cost efficiencies of IT

Satisfaction amongst key stakeholders improved

The management and IT personnel at a global industrial company had low levels of trust in their own IT department after an unsuccessful outsourcing deal. The respective levels of responsibility for IT in the business units were unclear and the IT department had not succeeded in establishing its new role. The company appointed a new CIO with the task of rectifying the lack of trust.

Cost efficiencies of IT

What Trinovo contributed

Trinovo’s assignment was to actively support the new CIO with a business-oriented focus in the IT department that included the following areas:

  • Establishment of a business-oriented agenda for IT towards the company’s IT Board including creation of IT Board material.
  • Establishment of a new functional area for IT architecture.
  • Creation of a platform in which the IT strategy becomes unified with the company’s overall business strategy.
  • Creation of a new IT governance model including heightened business responsibilities for the IT department.
  • Managing projects to enhance the usability of administrative systems for employees’ self-service.
  • Follow-up of KPIs such as the motivational levels of employees, user satisfaction, availability and usability, delivery capacity from the IT department and business orientation of same.


Over the course of 12 months, IT changed from being one of the company’s problem areas to a success story for the CEO. Several KPIs for the IT department experienced robust development. The project achieved the following:

  • Motivation and leadership index increased from poorest among the company’s business units to above average.
  • The IT department’s challenges regarding employee efficiency and user satisfaction were successfully addressed.
  • Satisfaction amongst key stakeholders improved significantly.
  • SLAs in terms of availability and performance increased and expanded.

The company’s new IT strategies, coordinated with the overall business strategy, were deployed in focus areas with explicit action plans that laid the foundation for ongoing development of the company’s business and IT operations.