Financial product strategy

An adjusted implementation plan

A financial player had laid out a new strategy to widen its operations with an increased product portfolio towards the private sector. Trinovo Consulting was asked to conduct an analysis of the strategy, its suitability and the current internal and external circumstances of the player in order to successfully implement the strategy.

Financial product strategy

What Trinovo contributed

In order to analyze the chosen strategy, Trinovo conducted several analyses from a number of external and internal perspectives. These analyses covered areas such as:

  • The player’s current and future market position in relation to the competition and other market factors.
  • Customer and market segmentation to identify a specific target group.
  • Which products should be included and what pricing strategy is appropriate.
  • The client’s cost effectiveness through benchmarking against other players within the financial sector.


Trinovo Consulting’s recommendation was an adjusted implementation plan, both in terms of direction and time, and a focus on more precise target group segmentation.